Airtel Whack

May 21, 2017

Team Ignited_Minds presented a Recommendation and Prediction Engine named Suvidha at Airtel Whack Hackathon.

Suvidha is a data analysis tool that:

Studies user’s usage patterns.

Recommends optimal plans based on the pattern.

Provides Airtel an understanding about:

How a package is performing ?

How it can be improved ?

Airtel Data To Insights

Methodology :

Study usage for past 6 months.

Classify usage stats into plan preferences.

Add user’s choice to existing database of usage patterns.

Admin views detailed analysis of user data on a gross level.

Design market strategies based on the usage patterns.

Primary use cases of / MyAirtel :

Checking remaining data, balance


Improve the use case by incorporating Suvidha into existing services:

Provide a customised suggestion that impacts transparency

Saves money directly

Airtel Extended Usecase

Tech Stack

Python (NumPy For GaussianNB classification)


Flask (RESTful API)

REST API can be extended to app or any other platform

Check out the Airtel Slides for more info on how we made the recommendation engine. and the product demo here Airtel Suvidha Demo.

Keep tuned for more stories from my hackathon series.

Credits - Aditi Prerna (Writer & Editor). She is writing and compiling my stories at rjrajivjha.

Rajiv Jha

Rajiv Jha

My name is Rajiv Jha. I am Senior Engineering student at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.