Setup Apache Solr and Banana

July 2, 2018


This article explains how to set-up Apache Solr and Banana.

This article assumes that you have successfully downloaded and set-up the apache solr. If not, then please download from

Move to Root Directory of Apache Solr

Root directory is the directory where you have decompressed the tgz file, you downloaded from Apache Solr website.

Rajivs-Air:~ rjrajivjha$ cd /usr/local/Cellar/solr/7.3.1/

Let’s follow with lead

Rajivs-Air:7.3.1 rjrajivjha$ ls

CHANGES.txt example INSTALL_RECEIPT.json homebrew.mxcl.solr.plist LICENSE.txt libexec NOTICE.txt server README.txt share bin

Start Solr

Rajivs-Air:7.3.1 rjrajivjha$ bin/solr start

** [WARN] ** Your open file limit is currently 256.

It should be set to 65000 to avoid operational disruption.

If you no longer wish to see this warning, set SOLR_ULIMIT_CHECKS to false in your profile or

** [WARN] ** Your Max Processes Limit is currently 709.

It should be set to 65000 to avoid operational disruption.

If you no longer wish to see this warning, set SOLR_ULIMIT_CHECKS to false in your profile or

Waiting up to 180 seconds to see Solr running on port 8983 [/]

Started Solr server on port 8983 (pid=19131). Happy searching!

Create Core

Rajivs-Air:7.3.1 rjrajivjha$ bin/solr create -c ezpg

WARNING: Using _default configset with data driven schema functionality. NOT RECOMMENDED for production use. To turn off: bin/solr config -c ezpg -p 8983 -property update.autoCreateFields -value false

Created new core ‘ezpg’

Copy Your Data to visualize

Rajivs-Air:7.3.1 rjrajivjha$ cd example/exampledocs/

Rajivs-Air:exampledocs rjrajivjha$ cp ~/Desktop/Hackathon/ezpg/dataset/RawDataDuplicateRemoved.csv .

Rajivs-Air:exampledocs rjrajivjha$ cp ~/Desktop/Hackathon/ezpg/dataset/RawDataExplored.csv .

Rajivs-Air:exampledocs rjrajivjha$ ls

RawDataDuplicateRemoved.csv monitor2.xml

RawDataExplored.csv more_books.jsonl

books.csv mp500.xml

books.json post.jar

gb18030-example.xml sample.html

hd.xml sd500.xml

ipod_other.xml solr-word.pdf

ipod_video.xml solr.xml


mem.xml utf8-example.xml

money.xml vidcard.xml


Post file to Solr

Rajivs-Air:exampledocs rjrajivjha$ java -Dtype=text/csv -Dc=ezpg -jar post.jar RawDataExplored.csv

SimplePostTool version 5.0.0 Posting files to [base] url http://localhost:8983/solr/ezpg/update using content-type text/csv... POSTing file RawDataExplored.csv to [base] 1 files indexed. COMMITting Solr index changes to http://localhost:8983/solr/ezpg/update... Time spent: 0:01:00.474

Download banana and untar it

Link to download -

Copy Banana to Server and Run Server

Rajivs-Air:7.3.1 rjrajivjha$ cd server/

Rajivs-Air:server rjrajivjha$ cd solr-webapp/

Rajivs-Air:solr-webapp rjrajivjha$ cd webapp/

Rajivs-Air:webapp rjrajivjha$ cp -r ~/Downloads/banana .

Link to Solar Dashboard - http://localhost:8983/solr/#/

Link to Banana Dashboard - http://localhost:8983/solr/banana/src/index.html#/dashboard

Navigate to Core ezpg, which I created in browser

Click on ‘query’ and then ‘execute query’ to view the data of your csv file

To learn more about banana Dashboard, Keep tuned.

Hope this helps! Keep tuned for more blogs from ML series.

Happy Learning!

Rajiv Jha :)

Rajiv Jha

Rajiv Jha

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