Use Spark Submit for the first time

July 1, 2018


This article explains how to set-up spark submit to use applications via spark.

This article assumes that you have successfully downloaded and set-up the apache spark. If not, then please refer to

Also, before moving ahead, please comment these environment variable from bash_profile, as they might cause error while submitting a standalone spark application.


After commenting these path variables, you can go ahead and try the tutorial.

Write your file

"""Calculates the word count of the given file. the file can be local or if you setup cluster. It can be hdfs file path""" ## Imports from pyspark import SparkConf, SparkContext from operator import add import sys ## Constants APP_NAME = " HelloWorld of Big Data" ##OTHER FUNCTIONS/CLASSES def main(sc,filename): textRDD = sc.textFile(filename) words = textRDD.flatMap(lambda x: x.split(',')).map(lambda x: (x, 1)) wordcount = words.reduceByKey(add).collect() for wc in wordcount: print wc[0],wc[1] if __name__ == "__main__": # Configure Spark conf = SparkConf().setAppName(APP_NAME) conf = conf.setMaster("local[*]") sc = SparkContext(conf=conf) filename = sys.argv[1] # Execute Main functionality main(sc, filename)

Submit the Application to spark

Navigate to spark directory where you have decompressed the downloaded tgz file.

Rajivs-Air:spark-2.3.1-bin-hadoop2.7 rjrajivjha$ Rajivs-Air:spark-2.3.1-bin-hadoop2.7 rjrajivjha$ bin/spark-submit --master spark://Rajivs-Air:7077 ~/Desktop/DataScienceChallenges/Sapient/ ~/Desktop/DataScienceChallenges/Sapient/household.csv

I am using Spark URL, spark://Rajivs-Air:7077 , which can be found when you run standalone master and slave on spark. Also, the absolute path to my program and absolute path to my targetted csv file.

Hope this helps! Keep tuned for more blogs from my Spark and ML series.

Happy Learning!

Rajiv Jha :)

Rajiv Jha

Rajiv Jha

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