Xampaperz - A journey

My Start-up journey begins with this student run organisation of my seniors at university school. The challenges faced by TechSpace, gave me an opportunity to meet the awesome selfish giants :P of campus, Mr. Santosh Pant & Shyam Hundiwal among others. I met them for a help in PHP code for TechSpace’s Website and after regular meetings, xampaperz was on table. They were already working on the idea and i was fascinated to join them.

With such a great group, I started my xampaperz life in September 2014. I started with contributing in the programming team and leading the operations and management. In my freshmen year, it was quite a challenging task to lead two organisation at a time. The leadership quality was an inbuilt feature of mine and seperation from the group was it’s inherent result :xD.

It happened exactly same with my journey at xampaperz. I started as a member of programming team, but eventually ended up developing the strategy, UI, UX, Database and even time-table for the team. Developing a Team, handling the dynamic goals of members of the team and keeping the goal of xampaperz synchronized with theirs was most challenging task. I learnt the significance of members and their personal goals.

It’s been three year, and xampaperz is now in hands of our successors. Team decided to pass over the management of xampaperz to Entrepreneurship Cell of university.

Also there is much more to write on xampaperz, this being my first blog on Xampaperz, so I will keep myself restricted with my emotions overflowing.

Check out the Xampaperz Old Version for those who haven’t witnessed the evolution of very first student start-up of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. Here is the link of our brand new UI. You can also submit your exam papers Submit Xampaperz.

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Rajiv Jha

Rajiv Jha

My name is Rajiv Jha. I am Senior Engineering student at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.